Corporate Eye Care

We have provided vision screening and eye examinations for many local businesses, including large IT multinationals. This is especially useful for businesses where the majority of employees work primarily on computers each day, as European legislation makes it mandatory for employers to provide an examination for all VDU users.

Free VDU Screening

A VDU screening is different to a normal eye exam and is usually a very short test to establish if a persons vision is working normally and if they may need glasses specifically for VDU use. We do not carry out VDU screenings as a standalone test but are very happy to include it, at no extra charge, as part of our standard eye exam and complete any appropriate reports you may need*.

Our standard eye exam fee is €35, however the majority of employed and self employed people can claim regular Free eye exams with us through the PRSI optical benefit scheme.

*Terms and conditions apply

VDU Glasses

Most people who wear glasses using a VDU also need these for general distance or reading vision and can now claim these free or get an allowance if they want to upgrade their frame or lenses with us through the PRSI optical benefit scheme. If someone needs glasses specifically for VDU use, this is not covered through the PRSI scheme and their employer must pay for them. We have a large range of suitable frames, including lenses, from just €50.

Optional Extras

We also supply a range of lenses specifaclly designed to reduce eye stress and strain or to block harmful blue light when using a VDU. There is no requirement for an employer to supply these types of lenses, however if you would like to learn more about their benefits please feel free to contact us.

Safety Eye Wear

We are happy to advise on and supply safety eyewear, contact us for more information.


For more information, please contact us and we will be delighted to come out to discuss this further with you in your workplace.