Our first store was opened by Donal MacNally on Mary Street in Dublin over half a century ago and was one of the first Opticians in Ireland to make Glasses the focus of our business. When we first opened, the idea of an Optician putting Glasses in their window and clearly displaying their prices was not only unheard of but considered unprofessional. Donal was one of the first Opticians in Ireland to challenge that idea and put the customer in control from even before they entered his shop. As a family run business, he expanded to become Dublin’s largest group of Independent Opticians. Not a chain, a group – with each of his stores as unique as the team working in it and the community it served. Today we keep the same ethos Donal started alive. We are still an independent family run business; our stores are still as unique as the teams working in them and we still make Glasses the focus of our business. Our team of Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians will always deliver the very best standard of eye care, but we know you come to us because you want the best glasses for you. The best fit, the best vision and the best-looking pair of glasses. We’d love it if you came to see us. We always take pride in making sure you’re more than looking good, you’re looking stunning.